Hello and welcome. I am happy you came here, and I hope you will enjoy reading this content as much as I will enjoy writing it.

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About Me

Before we start I just wanted to introduce myself in a few words.

I am 22 years old Front-end developer from Montenegro, a small country on the Adriatic Sea. I've been doing Front-end for almost 3 years, and I wanted to share everything I could with the community.


I've been mainly focused on the Front-end because I really love CSS and JS. I've been doing React and NextJS for about 2 years now. Currently, I'm learning React Native which is, in my opinion, a really cool thing to work with (and the community is pretty great).

...I really love CSS... probably some eyebrows are being raised while reading this sentence, but I do like it. I know it came from Satan himself, but it is fun to work with (sometimes )


I finished High school. After that, I started on College that I dropped out of and decided to use the time I'd spend there for learning and improving my programming skills.

Free time

Besides Front-end development I like playing video games, taking pictures, drawing, and creating 3D art. I also like making memes, going to the gym, and watching movies (yes, anime too :) )


I also wanted to say that I like Open Source and the community around cool Open Source projects is really admirable.

This website is made with NextJS. You can find more about NextJS by clicking here.

I really love it and wanted to say Thank you to the whole NextJS team and community that made it possible.